The Life Together (Arranged Marriage Book 2)

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Book 1 – The First Meet

Book 3 – The Surprises in Store

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Indian Arranged Marriage Love Story

Pankh and Aman’s story continues.
How is it for newly married couples? Especially those who don’t get much time to spend together. Don’t get a chance to know each other before tying the knot and be together, forever. What is in store for the young, newly wedded couples staying in joint families?
Pankh tries to adjust to her new family while being crazy in love with Aman. He showers her with love, romance, and gifts.
They fight, make it up, and grow, but one misunderstanding sends them back to the time where they lived without each other.
How do they cope?
How do they resolve their issues?
What happens to the love they felt for each other?
Does the disagreement take away their feelings, or do they triumph over it?

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