Ruhi’s Journey to Unknown

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One incident changes your life forever. Sometimes, it leads you on a journey to the unknown, where every step is taken blindfolded in a new and unfamiliar territory. But they say a walk to the unknown leads you to your destiny, and when destiny carves the path, all you can do is go with the flow or accept the challenge and transform your life.
Meet Ruhi as she explores one such journey. She encounters a life she had neither dreamed nor imagined, yet, she takes one faltering step after another to discover a new, unexplored life altogether.
Shankar had finally reached a stage where things were endurable, but it all changes as soon as he meets her. Her smile is enchanting, her voice is soft, but her eyes carry a burden that’s hidden behind her tough exterior. Who is she? Where did she come from? The questions float his mind, but only she has the answers to those uncanny mysteries.
This isn’t a story about passion and romance. It’s a story about silent love, devotion, and an emotional journey to togetherness.