Priti’s Rendezvous with Somesh (Unscripted Love Series Book 2)

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Not all love stories are rosy. Some are troubled, stumbling to find the two grave pillars of a relationship – trust and honesty.
Priti has seen hell and is breathing it daily, trying to find a center and a purpose. Her life transforms when Somesh re-enters her life. Is he worth the hassle? Should she give him a second chance?
Somesh has made many mistakes in his life, but the most regretful was to lead a life without his love. But fate has other plans, and he flounders upon his long-lost love, Priti. Will she accept him? Can he give her the deserved place in his life?
This is a story that centers on an idiom – When love is not enough to save a relationship. Do read if you like stories on second chances, a rekindled love story.
This is the second book in the Unscripted Love series (First – Arjun’s Jenny). It cannot be read as a standalone as it is a continuation of the first book.

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