Maya: The Force of Nature

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Maya lost the love of her life, finds solace in work. Managing Maya Advertising, her late husband’s dream startup, is her only motivation and sole purpose. While she prospers in the business world, she misses out on her personal life. However, she meets Shekhar, who brings harmony and love to her tumultuous life of loneliness and despair.
Can she have Shekhar forever? Will her daughters accept her desire to feel loved again?
Shekhar is enthralled with Maya. Her personality entices him, and he yearns to have her forever. But can he accept to be a second in her life, the first place undoubtedly dedicated to her daughters?
This is a short story that tries to touch the delicate subject of a second chance at love. While time has progressed exceptionally, children still find it difficult to accept someone new in their mother’s life.

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