After a long Working Day

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As she finished another tiring day, she thought about the dinner, which she still had to cook and the clothes which were still at the dry cleaners. Damn, with work pressure, it was becoming difficult to manage office and home. As the cab stopped, she stepped out, gave a tiring smile to the driver, and unlocked the door.
A yelp escaped her mouth as she entered the house, illuminated with candles. The smell aromatic and soothing her sore muscles. Her husband stood with a tray in his hand. She took the glass of wine, grinning like a fool. He bent, giving her a nip and delicately pushing her towards the bedroom. Her clothes were kept on the bed, ready, and the package of the dry cleaners sat in a corner. She took a quick shower, got ready, put on his favorite perfume and high heels, which he simply adored, and sat on the table.
Their meal was quiet, natural, and as she bit into her favorite dish, falafel, she moaned, savoring the delicious and perfectly crisp tikki.
The day had ended in a surprise, and she felt silly about thinking she had to do it all alone. Satish had been her backbone, her support, and always encouraged her to grow. His only advice was, only do it if your heart is into it.
A short story of a day, which could have ended badly, but it transformed into a romantic evening of love, compassion, and understanding.
Believe. Trust. And make it happen.