The First Meet (Arranged Marriage Book 1)

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The idea of an arranged marriage may be complicated, but the infamous first meet is more brutal than anything else. What to talk about, how to behave, what to wear, the questions are endless, and the nervousness incurable.
But still, we take the plunge in the hope of meeting someone special who would steal our breath away, race our slow heartbeats and manage to ignite a spark inside us.
Meet Pankh as she goes on to the first meet with Aman. Their journey is infectious but crazy. If all goes well, wedding bells will ring, and if not, they both will move on and get into the cycle of meeting other people until they meet their better half, their soulmate.
Pankh is jolly, loud, nervous, and Aman, sweet, polite, and an absolute gentleman. It’s the perfect pair in the imperfect world, but it all goes downhill just because of one mistake, one misunderstanding. Will they make it, or will they stay as a memory in each other’s hearts forever?

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