Arjun’s Jenny – Let’s know who is Jenny

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Who is Jenny?

Studying in a college where her brother passed his graduation with being in the toppers list was Jenny’s dream. She had heard his unforgettable stories about his experiences and craved to be part of this college. But Jenny had a flaw. She wasn’t as charming as her brother. Talking, interacting, engaging in a conversation didn’t come easy to her, especially to the opposite sex. Also, hearing loud voices made her trembled. But she still dared the impossible and came to Mumbai.
Life wasn’t easy for her, but she found two friends who became her besties, always guarding her back and giving her moral support when required. But suddenly, one day, an arrogant, aggressive, blunt, rigid man came into her life and changed it forever.
She never understood what pulled her towards him, but his presence made a difference, and she had to accept it. Accept a grave fact that she had fallen for a devil. His snobbish, arrogant personality sent shivers down her spine, but when he held her hand, everything became easy.
But was it enough to save their relationship?
Go ahead and read the book ( to know the future of Arjun and Jenny. Some relationships don’t pass the checks created by society, but they pass all the checks of your heart. Never miss out on that kind of love as you may never get it again.